“I cannot recommend Paige Walker highly enough. She was absolutely instrumental in my decision to make the move to Los Angeles and for that I am forever grateful. The skills I learnt under Paige’s guidance at a crucial time in my career, coupled with her unwavering encouragement truly had a huge impact on where I am today.

Through private coaching with Paige I was able to hone my skills to a point where I could audition with complete confidence, able to tackle anything and ultimately led to booking work in the USA.

Paige became more than an accent and voice coach for me but a mentor and encourager, helping me to reach seemingly impossible dreams. Her unwavering faith in her students is a gift that no money can buy. I miss my sessions with Paige and encourage all aspiring actors to see Paige and am excited to see her touch the lives of so many other performers like she did mine, through the work ethic she instils, a specific skill set, wonderful guidance and a never give up attitude. Paige is the best”

– Stef Dawson, “Hunger Games”

“I started with Paige in 2008 and although I had just graduated from the prestigious Bachelor of Acting at NIDA, I still felt I’d had very little time with a real expert on the US dialect. In retrospect I dont think I have ever come across any teacher that can so easily identify and correct the sounds of an Australian to any US regional speech. I still see Paige for every project on skype and I encourage you and anyone, with any accent or ethnicity to start work with Paige Walker immediately to obtain a clean authentic North American accent… and I always look forward to our time together too.”

– Hugh Sheridan “Never Tear Us Apart”, “Packed to the Rafters”

“I have worked closely with Paige since 2010. I came to her with an exotic mish-mash for an accent, an Israeli who has lived in Australia for 14 years.

In those years of working with her I had many frustrating moments, fear of failure and I reached many (what I thought ) dead ends.

Paige was always nurturing and very patient. Above all, she kept believing in me even when I didn’t. Together we managed to break those barriers and push through to the next level.

Today I feel very strong about auditions or any job that comes my way that requires a US accent. My feature Arrowhead will be released late 2014 and it’s all done in an American accent. I wouldn’t have done it without Paige in my corner.”

– Dan Mor, “Arrowhead”, “Underbelly”

“Paige Walker is a phenomenal accent coach. She has a forensic knowledge of the American accent and an incisive ear. She hears the subtle nuance of your accent then identifies exactly what you need to do in order to produce the right sounds. More than this, she does it with warmth, humour and real empathy. Paige helped me not only with my accent but she kept me sane in an intensely stressful preparation time for playing the lead a feature film. She was in my ear before each scene, on skype before I went on set and her teaching sustained me through the work. She gave me the confidence to battle through with an accent that I found challenging in a very short period of time. If you need to really nail the American accent Paige will get you there. I can’t thank her enough.”

– Angela Dixon, UK actress

“While living in New York, I studied accent work with Anthony LaPaglia’s dialect coach who was recognised as the best in New York.

Paige is better. Much better. Paige taught me something that every non-American needs to understand… the difference between a fake caricature international version of the accent and the accent that LA directors and casting directors need to hear in order to book you. With Paige’s support I have booked voiceovers for American productions over American voices on several occasions including a Diet Coke product launch and a major documentary series for NBC and The Weather Channel in the US. None of which would have been possible without her expertise and guidance.”

– Andrew Carlton- Actor formerly based in NYC and One of Australia’s leading voiceover artists

Hi Paige,

I just wanted to send you a big heartfelt thank you!! You are quite possibly the loveliest, warmest and most supportive teacher I have ever encountered! You’ve truly helped me to feel more confident and own my accent. “Your American Voice” so aptly describes how you work. Having this last week to reflect back, I feel like I own my accent now, it doesn’t feel foreign in the way that it did before working with you. Your incredibly sharp ear is seriously amazing! And I’m so grateful for all of your insightful feedback. I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I will go away and keep practicing now! I look forward to working together again in the future.

– Amanda Laing