“I cannot recommend Paige Walker highly enough. She was absolutely instrumental in my decision to make the move to Los Angeles and for that I am forever grateful. The skills I learnt under Paige’s guidance at a crucial time in my career, coupled with her unwavering encouragement truly had a huge impact on where I am today.

Through private coaching with Paige I was able to hone my skills to a point where I could audition with complete confidence, able to tackle anything and ultimately led to booking work in the USA.

Paige became more than an accent and voice coach for me but a mentor and encourager, helping me to reach seemingly impossible dreams. Her unwavering faith in her students is a gift that no money can buy. I miss my sessions with Paige and encourage all aspiring actors to see Paige and am excited to see her touch the lives of so many other performers like she did mine, through the work ethic she instils, a specific skill set, wonderful guidance and a never give up attitude. Paige is the best”

– Stef Dawson, “Hunger Games”