All Prices Upon Request

Fundamentals of the Accent (6 sessions over 6-Week course)

This course is dedicated to giving you a very strong foundation to build upon and create what becomes an invaluable part of your character.

Paige takes you through the main differences between the accents and how to locate the changes you need to make, in a fun and comprehensive way.  She leads you through pure vowels, diphthongs, triphthongs, the dreaded r and the liquid u. You will receive problem-specific exercises to help create muscle memory around the new sounds and then apply that to cold reads and script work. The Fundamentals Course is six  55 minute sessions and can be done from 1-3 sessions per week.

Private Tutorial

Work individually with Paige on course work or audition preparation. Each session is 55 minutes and you will receive exercises to build muscle memory and learn how to score and break down a script for the accent.

Small Group Classes 5 weeks (15 hrs)

Work in a group of no more than 6 people through the Fundamentals of the Accent. Learn through practical work and listening to others in the group. Finish the course off by applying the work to scripts in performance. The classes are 2 ½ hours in duration and the course runs for 6 weeks.

Weekend Intensives   (Two weekends)

Working within a group, over 2 weekends, learn the Fundamentals of the Accent, build muscle memory and gain specific insights into the accent, learn how to ‘score a script’ and apply the knowledge to cold reads. Find out how to slate and have a short chat to camera and how to get out of your head when you are in the room. You will be given a monologue and a scene to prepare for the second weekend, which is dedicated to acting with the accent. Each participant will be given an on-line training manual and an additional half hour Skype audition prep.

Audition Preparation

Break down and score your script and find your voice in the American accent for your scene. Paige will take you through different scenarios to allow you to learn to play in your scene work and be prepared for what may get thrown at you in the room and build your confidence around your accent work. Each session is 55 minutes in duration.


If for any reason you are unable to attend your classes in person Paige can do all classes and audition preparation via Skype. Paige works with clients all over Australia as well as in LA, New York, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand and the UK. Each session is 55 minutes in duration.

Acting with the Accent (Masterclass Series)

Apply all of your fundamental work to scenes and monologues in one on one or duo classes. Single classes are 55 minutes in duration and small groups are 80 minutes.


Paige will rehearse your scene with you and then be your reader so you will have an authentic accent in your audition with you to encourage having the most positive opportunity to book the job.

Book of Hours 10 book and 20 book (Ask Paige about prices)

After completing the Fundamentals Course, or if Paige feels that you have a solid foundation in the accent, you have the opportunity to purchase a book of hours. The books need to be purchased in advance but they bring the price down per class, depending on each individual book. The hours are yours to use how you would like, continued study or audition preparation. Each session is 55 minutes in duration and need to be used within 6 months.

Cancellation Policy:

Classes that need to be cancelled or rescheduled need to be within 24 hours or a 50% fee will apply.