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“I see Paige for every project”

Find out why this Never Tear us Apart and
Packed to the Rafters star sings Paige’s praises

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“I can’t recommend Paige highly enough”

Find out how Paige Walker helped Hunger Games star
Stef Dawson make it to Hollywood.

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A Spy Among Us

Find out who’s killing it in Hollywood and why

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How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?

Do you have accent fatigue?
The answer? Chill out dude.

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Dear God! Why do you sound like that?

Leading American Dialect Coach in UK reveals the ugly sounds in American and how to avoid them

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Who sucks in Hollywood?

Find out which internationals are kicking ass as Americans and who are not!

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I can’t take the PRESSURE……

Paige reports from the set of an American film as actors are under the gun with their accent

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Get Your Kicks..on Route 66

What the hell is “the path of sound” with the accent and how do I take the right one.

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